"Welcome to our website. This is where I get a chance to convey how I feel about gardens, the importance of design and gardening in general.
Our aim is to have a degree of influence on the subject and inspire you to give your garden as much importance as any room in your home.
I hope you draw some insight from it; please make contact if you have any comments, questions or to make an appointment for me to visit your garden".

A useful and practical garden solution, paving can be so varied it can be used in your garden to be
Maintenance is about control, if you can  control of how your plants grow, keeping the general appearance in good condition and conducting the development of your garden.

"It's like life.....you get out what you put in"

Nature is a powerful force and can easily take charge of your garden space. Sometimes this is just as intended but not often. Sometimes we are called upon to restore some order to a garden.

Within the confines of a garden setting regular and frequent attention to your garden brings its own rewards and is an invitation to be involved directly your part of the Planet

Set your budget and we will design your garden accordingly.
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Just at the great features usually found in high price sheds!!

Active Garden Solutions specialises in Garden Design, Garden Construction, Planting  throughout Cheshire

 and the North Wales.
Our experienced team is here to help you bring your garden to life.

We offer a wide range of professional garden solutions for your outdoor living space.
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We also offer an exciting new product range of garden sheds paving and quality fencing at affordable

 prices where we are able to cut out the middle man and give the savings to you the customer.

In addition to garden services, Active Garden Solutions also offers a quality turf laying service


A useful and practical garden solution, paving can be so varied it can be used in your garden to be

not just functional but also creative. Whether to be a border for a swimming pool, an area for seating

 or simply a design feature in the garden, Paving  is practical, creates space, colourful and is a good

 low maintenance option for your garden.

If you want a professional finish use Active Garden Solutions –

We are a reputable company with a proven track record with 20 years experience. ( see our portfolio)
We work to strict and agreed timescales meaning you can enjoy your completed garden quickly and

 with minimal disturbance.

Are you daunted by the work and time involved in transforming your garden?


When planning your garden here are a few things to consider:

  • Function - what do you want to use your garden for?
  • Are there important access points?
  • Do you want to include sheds paving and patios?
  • Child friendly?
  • Is Quality Fencing an option?
  • Style - traditional or modern?
  •  Maintenance free?
  • Planting - think about the colours and scent mix, sizes and numbers of plants.
  • What is your budget?
  •  Are you clear what is included in the price – a professional drawing? Lighting?
  • Mature planting?       

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